This Smart Sous Vide System Could Revolutionize Your Kitchen

Over the past few years, sous vide cooking has finally entered residential kitchens, losing the prohibitive price tag that kept it limited to restaurant kitchens. The sous vide process (French for "under vacuum") cooks by vacuum sealing ingredients in plastic and submerging it into a hot water bath, slowly cooking it over a long period of time to a very precise temperature so as to prevent overcooking. Mellow is a new kind of sous vide system that adds smart technology, pairing the process up with your smartphone.

The app pretty much does everything for you, and you can program it to start at any time — the device has a cooling system that can keep food at refrigerator temperatures until you're ready. Recipes, cooking temp, and your personal preferences are all factored into the app, which of course tells you exactly how long it'll take until your food is done. Just imagine waking up with perfectly poached eggs waiting for you.

Besides the delayed cooking feature, there's a salmonella risk gauge, which will help your mind and stomach rest easy. With complete control over a wide range of temperatures, Mellow's manufacturer also thinks the device could have some alternate uses in beer brewing, turbo aged steak, and more. When this hits homes in early 2015, we'll see what people come up with.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He loves sous vided eggs. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.