The Most Expensive Houses In America: Alabama

No matter the digits in your bank account, everyone dreams of living large just the same. But what would it really be like to move in to the most expensive homes in America?

To find out, this week we kick off a series that takes a closer look inside the priciest houses currently for sale in every state*. Up first: Alabama's $13.9 million mansion outside Birmingham.

*According to Zillow, in the traditional sense one thinks of a "house." Like with a lawn. And a driveway.

Built in 1997, the 54,000-square foot main home sits on an amenity-stocked 27 acres, complete with a barn, four pastures, two guest homes, garages, as well as an indoor and outdoor horse pen. That's not to mention a beautiful pool out back and impressive fountain that greets you as you approach from the spectacularly grand, manicured entrance.

The place was inspired by grand estates of France and Italy. Specifically, it was designed with a grand scope and symmetry meant to mimic Versailles, which is somewhat evident from this view from the rear.

The main foyer could be easily mistaken for the grand lobby of an incredibly restored old European hotel. You're faced with many dilemmas walking through, such as "left staircase, right staircase, or elevator?"

Hypnotizing baroque ceiling paintings? Check.

Plenty of room to host your own galas/costume balls/parties of the century. Eat your heart out, Jay Gatsby.

One of several living rooms you'll have the option to hang out in. Frankly, it looks comfortable even without furniture.

The dining room is always at the ready for a royal feast.

It'd be tough not to take up cooking with a kitchen like this. It's larger and better lit than entire apartments we've lived in.

You can take binge-watching to new heights in this private theater, which is roomy enough to fit you and your 24 closest friends.

When you burn yourself out doing that, the impressive game room should keep you entertained.

So, what'ya say? For a down payment of a little over $2 million with a 30-year $50,000 monthly mortgage, it's basically a starter home.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He strongly encourages the future buyer of this property to list it on Airbnb. Please?