12 Ways That Lunatic Millionaires Customize Their Private Jets

If you have the funds to drop on a private jet, odds are you'll have some dough left over to fully customize the cabin. The options are as unlimited as your checking account, frankly. Want a huge bedroom? Gourmet kitchen? A screening room? It can all be arranged. 

Though, unless the Powerball Gods smile down upon you at some point, most of us will have to settle for dreaming. To grease your imagination, here are 12 of the world's most incredible private jet interiors.

1. The Modernist Living Room

If it weren't for the ever-so-slightly curved walls and windows, you could easily mistake this cozy wood-veiled lounge for a room in a classic mid-century modern home. Stay away from fragile accessories though, because, you know, turbulence.

2. The Epic Bathroom

Roughly the size of every bathroom in a commercial 747 combined, this spa-like retreat would do wonders to combat the matted filth you build up over particularly long hauls. 

3. The Tech Mogul's Den

Rocking clean lines and bright colors, this corporatized spread is ideal for pumping out a full day of work (or watching baby monkey videos on Facebook), with a fully connected suite of electronics to be in touch with your comrades on the ground at all times.

4. The Cozy Bedroom

While the full-recline seats in first class are no doubt a treat, nothing beats a real pillow, mattress, and comforter to catch some much-needed shut-eye as you hop around the world from one mega-rich-person meeting to the next.

5. The '80s Ultralounge

Care to cruise the skies like a high-roller from 1989? This is your ride. It may look a little outdated, but truthfully kicking back in all-black plush leather never goes out of style.

6. The Board Room

While it's probably not wise to fly in the same plane as your entire corporate board, this spectacular room would be the ultimate place to host those lunch meetings. The high-backed chairs alone would make any meeting suck significantly less.

7. The Chess Master Suite

A fireplace?! On an airplane?!? Preposterous, right? Not when you have the money to engineer some crazy exhaust system. And keeping a chess board on hand is a wise move, as it can help you stay sharp while criss-crossing timezones, avoiding jet lag like Bobby Fisher avoided crowds.

8. The Reading Chamber

Admittedly less outrageous than many others on the list, there's a certain charm in being able to retire to a modest room like this, dominated by plush seating options. It's the perfect place to set up shop if you're looking to read, write, or focus undisturbed.

9. The Meditation Room

There's not a whole lot going in on here, and that's the point. The bountiful floorspace is perfect if you want to brush up on yoga, sprawl out and de-stress by meditation, or just lay spread eagle on the floor. It's hard to imagine why you'd be so stressed in the first place though, seeing as things are probably going pretty well if you're flying in your very own freaking private jet.

10. The Party Room

Rather than segment the cabin, this setup is perfect for letting loose a mile high. It's essentially a long narrow banquet hall in the sky. 

11. The Corner Table

As a high-roller who commands from only the best tables at restaurants, this plush velvet banquette should feel just like home. Check please! Just kidding, I own everything.

12. The Gentleman's Parlor

The risk in going all out inside is that the whole thing will look outdated in a few years. That's partly why opting for a sophisticated and classic wood-accented den like this is never, ever a bad idea.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's never flown private, unless you count that one time he was one of like five passengers on a regional Delta flight to DC.