The World's First Underwater IMAX Will Be In A Mega Yacht

It's essentially a precondition that mega yachts come packed from bow to stern with over-the-top-features, from gourmet kitchens and expansive pools to heliports and even goddamn casinos.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the bar on outrageous amenities was raised even higher. Say hello to the world's first ever private underwater IMAX theater, which happens to double as an aquarium. No big deal.

Still in its conceptual phase, the project—known as The Nemo Room—is a collaboration between a trio of top-notch yacht designers and IMAX, and'll eventually be built into the hull of a 500-foot floating behemoth commissioned by someone with an equally enormous bank account.

The ambitious setup is groundbreaking in terms of marine cinema systems, and thanks to the unique screen curvature and 4K projection requirements that define the immersive IMAX experience, it hasn't been easy to engineer. Essentially, the entire hull had to be designed around it.

After guests tire from watching The Life Aquatic on repeat, the entire experience can be shifted from theater to virtual aquarium by swapping the film out for actual aquatic life, beamed in via CCTV cameras on the ships exterior. Finding the Jaguar shark just got a whole lot easier. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He gets queasy in dry-land IMAX theaters, so a floating one may actually balance things out.