The Most Satisfying Nut Cracker Ever Made

The nutcracker is in dire need of a redesign. Old man Nutcracker Prince and those horrifying chomping machines are so played out. Thankfully, some intrepid industrial designers agree, and recently unveiled what may be the most satisfying method of whacking open a shelled fruit ever: The Nut Hammer.

Just in time for the end of nut harvest season (did you know it's the end of nut harvest season?), this innovative tool, engineered by London-based designer Roger Arquer and produced by Danish design company Menu, consists of a wood-handled mallet with a flat metal head and complementary hollowed out silicone container. It's a bit like a hammer whose brutal business end has been replaced by a decidedly less violent stress ball. 

When you feel like getting into that walnut/brazil nut/hazelnut/almond or pecan that so cruelly hides behind a hard shell, pop off the black silicon knob, toss in a nut or two, and whop it like a hammer against any surface to get to that meaty center while simultaneously letting out any pent up rage. 

Next up, coconut hammer?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. Peanuts are his kryptonite. Literally, they could actually kill him, so be cool.