The Oceanic Abyss Table

The bottom of the ocean is a magical place full of a diverse and terrifying array of creatures. It's defined by its spectacularly interesting terrain that remains unseen to everyone, save for James Cameron. That is, until now. Thanks to Duffy London's Abyss Coffee Table, that underwater beauty no longer remains a mystery. 

The result of a year-long experimentation that was developed in a studio, the finished table is an amalgam of carved wood, Perspex (cast acrylic), and sculpted glass arranged like a 3D topographical map of the deep sea. It presents a selection of unique views of the ocean's intricacies, whether you're looking at it from the top down or from a cross-sectioned edge.

Each of the limited run of 25 tables measures 5x2.5 feet and stands only 1.5 feet off the ground on a set of pedestals, serving as the deepest points of the geological layout.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's been meaning to re-watch The Abyss.