The Pizza Box Oven Is Real And Majestic As Hell

Published On 03/13/2015 Published On 03/13/2015
Pizza Box Oven

As someone who has folded 1,000+ pizza boxes in my day, I can safely tell you that most do a terrible job of even keeping a steaming hot pie warm for very long. But guess what this is? It's the f*cking future, and fully functional pizza box ovens are a reality, a reality that wants to deliver a full 12-inches of piping hot pizza into you and your loved ones' mouths.


With a roasting surface that covers both the scrumptious top and bottom of your crust-covered dream pie, the Pizza Box Oven ensures a solid, consistent heating process.

Skeptical? This is what one verified buyer had to say: "Best gift to give anyone. Works perfectly, pizza looks professional." Don't just give it to anyone, give it to yourself first.



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