The Ridiculously Handy Cardboard iPhone Projector

At only six inches long—roughly half the size of a delicious Subway grinder—The ​Smartphone Projector is a ridiculously easy way to solve the problem of crowding your friends around your tiny-ass phone screen to watch videos and crush candies. Wait, is Candy Crush even still a thing?

Luckies Smartphone Projector​ - $25

Made from an easy-to-assemble body of corrugated cardboard, this retro-style projector fits any smartphone up to 3 x 5.5 inches. The glass lens within the body magnifies an image or video on your phone without an additional power source. The only difficult part? Finding a good video for your friends. Also, finding friends.

Pick a vid, pop in your phone, and lavish in the glory of 24 hours of Nyan Cat projected onto your wall. Warning: your buddies might high-five you to death for being such a smart and tech-savvy person. Well done. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and can't wait for the week-long Nyan Cat video. If you follow him on Twitter, he'll personally send you a check for $45: @CandyandPizza.