The Simpsons LEGO Episode Is Going To Be Amazing

To celebrate an incredible 550 episodes, The Simpsons is having a block party with LEGO — and if you're not excited, you're doing it wrong. Airing on Sunday, the episode "Brick Like Me" centers on Homer waking up to find himself in a LEGO universe after an encounter with a likely-cursed board-game, Perky Patty's Princess Shop. Homer must then find a way to get back to his normal four-fingered, blue haired reality. Will hilarious antics ensue? Probably! Call it a mega-corporate jumping-the-shark ratings ploy — but at the same time, it's LEGO and The Simpsons. Two historically wonderful entities. What could possibly go wrong? 

For those cynics who think this episode is merely trying to ride the coattails of The LEGO Movie, executive producer Al Jean confirms that this episode has actually been in the making for two years. You know... because these kind of things take time. “The episode was in production long before any of us had seen the movie or knew anything that was in it," says Jean. "I just learned there's a LEGO movie, so I hope it's as good as this episode."

This isn't the first (or second) time Homer has gotten himself mixed up with cursed objects and — yes — that last statement was only placed so we could add in the classic Frogurt scene. The toppings contain potassium benzoate.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and has been watching The Simpsons for over twenty years. Choosing a favorite episode would be like choosing between 550 of his children.