The French Fry Bed For Your Inner Fat Kid

Tired of that rinky dink IKEA bed frame cramping your style as you settle into adulthood? Ready to upgrade to something that evokes the level of maturity you've so gracefully risen to? Well, who cares, because someone made this French Fry Bed, and you absolutely need one.

Known as the Supersize Bed, the fully-functional slumber setup is a collaboration between set and costume designer Cecila Carey and "architectural foodsmith" Harry Parr, built custom-to-order to accommodate any mattress size. The cushiony "fries" in the oversized carton aren't simply there to be cheeky, either. You can pluck them out individually or in a group and use them as booster pillows for your fast food-padded self.

Joe McGauley is an architectural foodsmith at Supercompressor.