The Swedish Summer Compound You'll Never Want To Leave

Nothing beats having a place away from the city where you can relax and reset on hot summer weekends. Except maybe having a couple of them nestled between two fjords far, far away from much of anything in a Swedish national park. That sort of takes the cake.

Situated on Sweden's southwest coast between two fjords, the low-profile compound blends in pretty naturally with the rocky landscape, like hearty moss-covered boulders.

The main residence is surrounded by a handful of smaller structures, to accommodate friends and family who want in on some R&R without wreaking havoc on yours. And while it may not look that way, they're all built on one of the highest points in the area, facing west toward the sea.

If this view doesn't calm you down immediately you'll want to consult a doctor. Notice the lush greenery and trees are all fairly flat? They've grown that way due to the near-constant wind whipping during the rough season.

The rounded roofs on each of the houses were designed not just to create an open, airy vibe inside, but to ensure they seamlessly blended in with the rock and knoll-laden terrain. And the fir wooden interior is left completely natural.

The main house features a long, sprawling living room/dining area right in front, facing out toward the water through a set of enormous sliding glass doors. When they're wide open you get a significant increase in living area thanks to the nice long deck. And when the temperature dips you can just seal yourself inside and fire up the chimney.

Rather than obstruct the kickass views, the rest of the 1,000 square-foot structure is divided up into storage closets, a bathroom, and a bedroom in back.

Though the view from the bedroom isn't too shabby either. But some blackout curtains would be crucial in the summer months, when daylight stretches to nearly 19 hours a day.

There are a series of footbridges and paths to get you to and from the different homes without tripping over rocks and brambles.

And who knows, maybe you'll even feel like switching things up and crashing in one of the small guest houses. It's got everything you need, really.

Most importantly, there's a decked out detached sauna out back. So once you can figure out how to get groceries delivered, there's really no reason to ever leave.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and would welcome 19 hours of daylight with open arms.