This Tiny Home Is Outfitted For Subzero Temps

The folks behind Canada's Leaf House aren't new to the tiny home game, but they're consistently innovating to give living small big possibilities. And their new Leaf House Version 3 takes their tried and true designs and optimizes the prefab, portable home for winter's chill. 

Built in the Yukon, these diminutive dwellings are no strangers to freezing winters, and the third iteration is meant to challenge our conception of thriving off the grid in extreme conditions. To that end, using experimental materials, this version can withstand plummeting temperatures up to -58 °F. 

To make the homes easily towable and more mobile, the designers cut down on weight in clever ways, like using foam board with concrete coating for a kitchen counter, instead of a slab of granite.

It shares many characteristics of the first two generations, like a pull out Murphy bed and mirrors to open up the space.

The materials around the home are largely drawn from sustainable suppliers, including Forest Stewardship Certified wood, pictured here in the bathroom's shower.

And while this version isn't yet available for purchase, there's no denying the temptation to splurge on the $40,000ish it'll cost you to hitch your home to a truck and drive off into the sunset. And stop for a Slim Jim soon after. 

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. If you get one, taker her with you? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.