This Wall-Mounted Copper Sculpture Makes Amazing Espresso

Coffee machine makers and design have been in a happy marriage for years. As a product that takes up significant counter real estate, it's always in full view and thus has got to look good. From the professional stainless wonders to the Formula 1 engine machine, we've seen plenty of beautiful caffeine contraptions, but the wall-mounted Strietman ES3 might take the cake as the coolest one we've ever set eyes on. 

Made in the Netherlands out of copper, wood, and brass, the Strietman ES3 is a fully-manual espresso machine that uses an Italian method from the 1950s that relies on a lever to compress a column of hot water through the grounds. Since you have control over the lever, with some practice you can customize your method to optimize your brew.

The Strietman ES3's simple design makes it more reliable, durable, and easier to clean than a typical espresso machine. And with the only electrical part being the adjustable water heater, there's not much that can go wrong besides operator error.

The 11-pound machine mounts to the wall and draws a fat 750 watts of power to get it hot. Though it's European, there's a 115-volt version as well. Besides the unit, each one comes with a custom tamper, an anti-dust lid, a double spout, and three filter baskets. But the best part about the Strietman ES3? It doesn't take up any counter space.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor for Supercompressor. He wishes espresso machines were cheaper. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.

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