The World's Most Baller Campers And RVs

There's a lot that goes into planning a successful road trip. From choosing people who won't drive you insane, to the route and pit stops, to most importantly, selecting a set of wheels that'll get you there comfortably. Making sure the former two work out is all on you, but we're here to help on that last one with a rundown of the world's most lust-worthy RVs and campers. 

Leave the Winnebago for your grandparents and hop into one of these land-cruising beasts.

Lotus Caravans Off Limits

The crown jewel of this Australian RV brand's line of beastly models, Off Limits evokes a certain industrial Mad Max-ian vibe on the outside. But inside, it's a state-of-the-art stainless steel-clad luxury suite you might find in a Tokyo high-rise. 

eleMMent by Marchi

Apart from resembling a prop vehicle from I, Robot, this two-story mansion on wheels ensures you'll be sleeping like a king, even at the truck stop. Inside, there's even a pop out bar and lounge area and a "Sky Lounge" up top. The best part, though, may be how everyone on board enters: through a red-carpeted set of stairs.

The Sealander

Why bother investing in both a camper and a boat when you can have both in one adorable German package? Thanks to a gently curved undercarriage, the hitch-capable rig is as ready for the road as it is for the water, and even comes with an outboard motor should you ever need to make a swift escape. [More...

2014 Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo

The camper van by which all other camper vans shall be judged, the unobtrusive 2014 Marco Polo integrates luxurious Benz touches with practical features like a drop-down back seat that transforms from leather-clad dining and bar area to a spacious sleeping area and a surprising amount of storage space. Suddenly, sleeping in your van down by the river doesn't seem all that bad.

The Moby1

Admittedly, the Moby1s can't compete in size or luxury with most other land yachts on this list, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have something special to offer. These lightweight teardrop trailers are designed to be towed behind a motorcycle, and can maneuver through some rough and tight off-road terrain, so you can spend a night in the wild. [More...]

MVP Aero Model 3

Three words: Amphibious Airplane Camper. AMPHIBIOUS AIRPLANE CAMPER. [More...]


A futuristic twist on the age-old collapsible camper, this glorious franken-tent unfurls accordion style into a special two-person living space, complete with a sink, toilet, even a wine fridge. And in case you're wondering, yes, it was inspired by the Sydney Opera House.

Conquerer UEV 440

Much like the Moby1, this rugged beast is designed to be taken where its counterparts wouldn't dare go. It's built like a giant motorized insect, with a strong sealed exoskeleton that protects the relatively sparse interior, which still comes with two beds, a table, hot water, and space to mount a TV. Not exactly roughing it. [More...]

Global Caravan Technologies RV

Not only can this guy sleep six comfortably, but it's solar powered and decked out with a grab bag of weighty appliances (washer & dryer, for one) that other RVs wouldn't dare add. That's because instead of fiberglass, it's constructed with carbon fiber, and thus weighs about the same as an average car. [More...]

Mercedes Zetros 6x6 Expedition Vehicle

Can your marble shower-equipped luxury RV criss-cross the frozen hellscape of Antarctica without flinching? This one can. [More...]

Bowlus Road Chief

In keeping with the timeless look and feel of old-school American Airstream road trips on the exterior, hanging inside this gorgeous, bullet-shaped specimen is a lot like taking a ride in a old first-class rail car. Only downside is how much buffing and shining you'll need to do to maintain its head-turning sheen.

The KiraVan

While this firetruck-esque monster is more than ready to explore brutal terrain (and conduct NASA-level testing while it's there), you would never know it based on the cushy accommodations inside. [More...]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and cannot wait to take the long way across America some day.