The Zombie-Proof House You Can Actually Buy

Never again. Never again, you tell yourself, will you be attacked by f****** zombies. Indeed, this can be made possible thanks to the heroic team at UK-based Tiger Log Cabins, who've just unveiled the world's first-ever certified zombie-proof log cabin. And judging by the below renderings, there's little chance they'll ever have to pay out a warranty.

The Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1), which'll set you back a cool $112,000, is modern-rustic 1,320 square-foo,t all-inclusive, build-it-yourself cottage that's fully fortified to protect against basically every imaginable Walking Dead-esque apocalyptic scenario.

For starters, it's comprised of three distinct sections, all of which are independent of one another with two locked doors protecting each, meaning should a brains-hungry mutant get lucky and breach one, they'll have to get through two more to end you. 

As for materials, the finished structure is made from a series of pressure-treated joists and high-grade interlocking finished logs, plus "extra secure" doors and windows.

When the time comes to hole up, there's also plenty going on inside to distract you from the carnage on the other side.

You'll still have electricity thanks to the rooftop solar panels, but you'll want to stock up on DVDs, Blu-Rays, and video games to play on the included plasma TV and Xbox, because you'll be SOL trying to stream anything from Apple TV. Also: no Internet. Sorry, zombies are total a**holes.

When you need a break from marathoning Friday Night Lights for the sixth time in a row, not a bad idea to hit the gym, which comes included with weight machines. Zombie beatdowns come a whole lot easier when your core is totally ripped, brah.

Don't forget to rest. It's just like camp, except you can never go home and everybody else is dead!

There's also an entire room dedicated to arsenal storage.

Plus a barbed wire-enclosed rooftop to pick off any approaching enemies. Hear that, insane doomsday preppers? It's a dream come true!

Thankfully, you won't be subjected to an eternity of terrible canned food, since there's a caged in garden to grow whatever fresh vegetables you can.

You also have the option to add extras, including water cannons, search lights, flame throwers, security cameras, and riot protection outfits. And really, you'd be a fool not to.

Should you wish to claim the 10-year anti-zombie guarantee, no problem! However, they will require one tiny detail: medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He'd prefer to ride out the zombie apocalypse in any of these.