This Gravity-Defying Cliffside House Is Incredible

Is hopping out of bed and peeking out the window to look at sea foam and sharks your ideal way of waking up? Well then you may want to look into relocating to Australia, where the Cliff House would allow you to do just that.

Inspired by the way a barnacle grows on the hull of a boat, the conceptual six-story design from the modular home manufacturer Modscape would be perched beside the craggy Australian coastline. One major selling point: it would be a natural extension of the cliff, so it doesn't obstruct the majestic views above.

The stealth Bond villain-esque facade covers what is essentially an inverted townhouse anchored to a wall of rock. To enter, you hop the elevator on the rooftop carport down to the first floor, home to the living and dining areas.

Below that are two floors containing a total of three bedrooms, each with its own spectacular views out floor-to-ceiling windows. And at the bottom, there's a modest open-air deck set up for all your BBQ and hot tubbing needs.

What's up, surreal dream house?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's very comfortable living in a home with a foundation.