This Outdoor Kitchen Is Fit for A Mad Scientist

The Ulaelu outdoor kitchen may resemble more of a lab bench than a chromed-out sea of appliances found in a top-of-the-line, all-weather culinary setup. But that's the point. It's clean, comfortable, efficient, and most importantly, incredible looking.

Its modular components form a highly efficient spread, including everything you'd need to turn out gourmet grub. Like what, you ask? Well, there's an interchangeable granite countertop with a drain to prep veggies and meat, a sink basin and faucet (which connects with a garden hose, and can be set up to drain into your garden), a charcoal grill-top, and a single gas burner. You're essentially set up to never again shuffle in and out of doors with BBQ-smeared hands.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. If given the chance, he would grill outside every meal of his life.