This Tinyhome Trailer Is A Modern Mobile Masterpiece

We really love portable trailer homes. From mini teardrop pods to compact campers to all weather cabins, we get excited every time we come across an especially great one. Now, we've found hands down one of the most visually striking trailers to date. The Toybox Home is an elegant modernist masterpiece that will take your mobile adventures to the next level. 

The Toybox combines what you'd expect from the best designed tiny homes with the portable convenience of a mobile home. The space has dedicated kitchen, sleeping, and living areas—it even has a shower. 140 square feet of interior space looks much more spacious than it actually is because of homey touches, like kitchen-area windows and a large sliding glass door, which also helps provide natural light if the LED integrated lighting isn't bright enough. 

The dedicated sleeping area is lofted above the rest of the space and can fit up to a king-sized bed. Even if you're on the road, you definitely won't be roughing it.

All of this is housed in a striking, modernist exterior with multiple colored, corrugated fiberglass cubes and natural cedar paneling. If you're really looking to go full-on self-sustainable, optional utilities include solar panels and a grey water reclamation tank.

Living this type of mobile life doesn't come cheap. Although the Tinybox info page doesn't list the price for a unit, we've poked around and found that its going rate has been about $48,000. If we really could, though, we'd just decide to make this our year-round home.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He'd like to take this on a cross-country tour.

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