Amazing Photos Of Studio 54 In Its Heyday

New York City's legendary Studio 54 megaclub may be long gone, but its legacy as theplace to be and be seen amongst the glitterati's most hedonistic and debaucherous bunch will never wane, partly in thanks to photographers like Tod Papageorge. Papageorge had an exceptional ability to look beyond the famous faces to capture the true essence of decadence and excess pulsating in every corner past the velvet rope. His forthcoming coffee table book, Studio 54, showcases 66 of the most incredible candid snapshots he caught during the club's heyday in the late '70s and early '80s.

Take a look, and party on, if only vicariously. 

Can I bum a light, bro?

Several very intense conversations going on here.

Attire was casual, of course.

Nothing wrong with a little wholesome fun.


Hellooo ladies.

Just a low key, intimate affair with a few close friends.

Solving the world's problems, one drink at a time.

Ma'am, your top is, well. Oh, you prefer it that way? Cool.

Your guess for what's happening on the other side here is as good as any.

Jackets. Lots of jackets.

Behold: a literal disco nap.

For all you know, the two folks on the right could be your parents. Consider that for a minute.

Your chance to party there for real may be over, but you can relive it all from the comfort of your couch by picking up a copy at

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He would have never made it past the doorman back then.