The Remote-Controlled Coffee Tap

Scanomat's TopBrewer has replaced the gaudy espresso machine by fitting an entire Starbucks into an inconspicuous stainless steel tap that you control with your phone.

TopBrewer's personalized app gives you complete control over what you make, while its ultrafast grinders and brewing system produce up to four cups of coffee in a minute.

Making a latte requires absolutely no thought. Cold water is flash-heated, while milk is frothed to the exact consistency with their patented world's smallest milk foamer. All with the push of a button — this thing literally even cleans up after itself. 

By hiding all the crucial (and ugly) elements of a coffee maker underneath the counter it occupies, the TopBrewer barely takes up any space and can deliver a piping hot cup of coffee in 15 seconds, and an espresso in 25 seconds. Deciding the perfect ratio of froth to espresso is the only hard part. 

If you're not convinced, this Michael Bay/Apple mashup vid might help.

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