Your 10-Year-Old Self Would Have Killed For This Spherical Tree House

When you think of a tree house, you think of a kid with a tricornered hat and an eyepatch hauling trail mix up in a red bucket. You think of surly teenagers burning incense and a dime of misidentified oregano. You think of splinters. You think of water balloons.

Then we got older. Maybe that's why we lost touch with our love of tree houses. But now, with the help of Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, you can fall back in love. They've taken The Swiss Family Robinson style and kicked it up a notch.

For $180, you and another person can stay in these incredibly luxurious digs. Using fiberglass, insulation, wood, and vinyl upholstery fabric, the spheres have been constructed not unlike traditional sailboats.

There aren't showers in the tree houses, but some are nearby—right next to the sauna.

There's a few different spheres, and some of them even have the thing we'd all have killed for as kids—a fridge.

In case you're worried about its stability, here's a tree house under 12,950 pounds.

We're seeing some design cues from the Explorers Club. Which is awesome.

Besides the novelty and fine finish of these little cabins, there's definitely something extra relaxing about being nestled in old trees on a beautiful Canadian island.

Unless you're afraid of heights.