As tough as it can be to find a decent and affordable apartment in the heart of a huge city, making it feel like it's bigger than a broom closet can seem next to impossible. With a little creativity and elbow grease though there's plenty you can do to revamp even the tiniest studio into a multi-room retreat. Need some inspiration? Check out these ingenious transforming apartments. 


1. The 24-room Studio

Hong Kong

2. The Lego Apartment Barcelona, Spain

3. The Functional Faux Farmhouse

Paris, France

4. The Secret Bookworm New York, New York

5. The Home Office Hybrid

Tokyo, Japan

6. The Magic Wall Tula, Russia

7. The Masterloft

Camden, UK

8. The After-Hours Lounge

London, England


9. The Origami Studio

New York, New York

10. The Clandestine Crash Pad New York, New York


11. The Secret Storage Center

New York, New York

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor with an irrational fear of Murphy beds.



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