This Designer Is Growing Trees Into Furniture

Published On 04/16/2015 Published On 04/16/2015
Full Grown
Full Grown

A lot of work goes into building a great piece of furniture. There's sourcing the right raw materials, the skillful designer, and then of course assembling it. Wouldn't it be a hell of a lot better if we could just pluck our chairs and tables from the ground fully finished? Yes, it would, and one UK artist has found a way to do it by shaping trees into furniture as they grow. Meet Full Grown.

The Guardian

The project is the brainchild of artist/designer Gavin Munro, whose push to find a more interesting and environmentally-friendly way to make furniture inspired him to try shaping young trees into different objects as they grew. The trick is to "train" the shoots of each tree to grow into the shape of choice by grafting them to a solid object, then season and smooth them out once they're harvested.

There are currently rows and rows of chairs, tables, mirrors, and lamps growing in Full Grown's fields, most of which you can pre-order and have shipped to your place once they've reached maturity.

Full Grown

If you'd prefer something a little more custom though, they're also accepting commissions for unique pieces of furniture or sculpture, which they'll make, er grow, to order.



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