Get Rid Of Your Junk By Texting This Number

Published On 06/08/2015 Published On 06/08/2015

If you're like us, your tiny apartment is filled with way too much junk. Deciding to say goodbye to something like your huge DVD collection can be tough (it's 2015 bud, we have Netflix), but if you ever want to break out of your tiny apartment blues you're going to have to downsize. Swooping in to save you from awkward Craigslist interactions is Unload, a new service that will take all of your stuff off your hands. All you have to do is send a text.


Once you text Unload, you'll be connected with an assistant, who will help you figure out what you can do with your stuff. If it's not complete trash, they'll determine where you can get the best price and take care of the entire sales process for you (for a 5% service fee). If your junk really is...junk, they'll take it away and donate it somewhere, so you can feel better about your uncluttering and only lift the finger you use to text the service. 

Right now, Unload is available to users in San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston and is soon to come to New York City. If you're based in NYC and looking to ditch your extra stuff, head here to sign up for a special invite to the service. Until then, get your act together and decide what's going to go to make some space in your place.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he's just not ready to part with his DVDs.

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