This Tiny Birdhouse Camper Might Kill You With Cuteness

Leave it to Etsy to procure an object so adorable that it causes excruciating physical pain. Made to look like the vintage Shasta campers of the 1950s, this Vintage Camper Birdhouse takes the birdhouse your nephew made you in shop class and blows that sh*t out of the water. 

Included with each $65 camper birdhouse is a  single screw mounting kit which allows birds to eat with a view. It's really the finest gift you could give your newly-acquired feathered friends—not that they'll the slightest clue what they're eating out of. Man, birds are idiots. 

Each birdhouse measures out to eleven by seven inches and features an aluminum door to deter squirrels—nature's terrorists.  

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