5 Ways To Upgrade Your Pad, 12/22/14

Relationships take effort, and the one you have with your home is no different. To lighten the work, every week we're rounding up a crop of the latest and greatest products to keep your place on point.

Harper Shelf

Perfect for city slickers living in tiny apartments, the Harper system allows you to arrange a series of pegs with powder-coated metal shelves to neatly hang, place, and mount whatever hefty items you'd otherwise stash in a corner or on the floor.


Helping pave the way for a new generation of smart standing desks, MBL changes height on-demand with a wave of your hand, making it incredibly simple to toggle between sitting and standing throughout the day. It goes even further, too, with an adjustable color panel along the edge (to match "your interior or mood"), and built-in humidity and temperature sensors that will ping you with a friendly suggestion to go get fresh air every so often. 


Essentially an eco-friendly space heater, this orb-like device harnesses the heat provided by a lit candle inside via two stacked terracotta domes, and releases the warmed air contained within through a small hole on top. It's not enough to keep you toasty in sub-zero temps, but it may make a difference in particularly drafty spots of your house.

Miras Float

If you're looking to seriously upgrade your entire kitchen into something that draws jealous stares from every guest, this unique series of copper, wood, and marble pieces should do the trick. Dreamed up by designer Alberto Sánchez, it's intended to blur the line between kitchen and living space, since each piece is movable and equipped with special details that can disguise kitchen-specific elements (stove, sink, etc) as something different.

OneLess Desk

This two-tiered office setup made of 12-gauge steel is engineered to provide a handsomely ergonomic workstation while taking up as little floorspace as possible. There's also a hidden pocket behind the upper deck to neatly tuck your ever-growing rat's nest of wires and cables.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He is also made of 12-gauge steel.