5 Ways To Upgrade Your Pad: Erector Set Furniture & More

Relationships take effort, and the one you have with your home is no different. To lighten the work, every week we're rounding up a crop of the latest and greatest products to keep your place on point.

LOLO Capsular Micro Kitchen

Since there's no reason not to have a kitchen everywhere, these minimalist mounted, modular setups can accommodate one appliance apiece (microwave, espresso machine, etc.) along with cups, cutlery, and plates. There's plenty of extra space to stash snacks, too.

Meccano Home Collection

This unique modular furniture system let's you channel your inner Erector Set architect to fashion custom tables, chairs, shelving, stools, and desks from sheets of corrugated metal fastened together with nuts and bolts. It's a bit like building IKEA furniture, only without any directions so the only person to blame if it doesn't turn out right is yourself.


Focal Point Lamp

Designed to change as often as your mood, this kinetic table lamp features a bulb encased in a white porcelain shade set on a copper wire base. Depending on the ambiance you're hoping to pull off, the position of the bulb can be turned and twisted to dampen or exaggerate its brightness.


The grown man's futon, Dorme is a wooden bench covered in plush cushions that transforms from couch to chaise to bed and back again in seconds. It also comes with a small metal table whose legs shimmy between cushions to create a loungey little workstation. 


A hugely helpful digital assistant in the age of the open office, this side table/power station hybrid features a compartment to stash your laptop or tablet, a tiny work surface, and a built-in power strip to breathe life into the myriad screens you stare at all day long.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompresor. He's pushing for more modern furniture that assembles like a LEGO set.