5 Ways To Upgrade Your Pad, 1/5/15

Relationships take effort, and the one you have with your home is no different. To lighten the work, every week we're rounding up a crop of the latest and greatest products to keep your place on point.

MM01 Sound System

Disguised as a handsome walnut credenza, this 4.5-foot-long walnut piece is actually a powerful sound system. Inside its handcrafted facade, it's packed with a set of speakers and tube amps, plus two miniplug and RCA inputs, as well as Airplay tech, enabling you to pump out your audio of choice without hassling with potential eye-sore speakers.

Collection 002 By Goyo Studios

Built to efficiently serve monospaces in tiny apartments, this scaled-down collection of cabinets, tables, and seating meshes a mid-century modern aesthetic with space-saving functionality, offering amble drawers and rolling door storage in one very sexy package.

BDDW Ping Pong Table

Far from the warped green frat patio staple, this extraordinary cherry and maple wood table tennis setup by designer Tyler Hays classes up the joint with details like a leather net and cast-bronze arms. Better yet, it transforms from game court to stately dining table the moment the net comes down.  

Wave Cabinets

Who says your storage cabinet can't also be a mind-bending piece of contemporary art? This number straddles the line with an exterior carefully crafted using interwoven slats of white birch wood, which can be peeled away to reveal whatever's inside. In both the literal and figurative sense, of course. 

BASE Desk Accessories

Kick off the new year excellently by tidying up the ever-abundant clutter plaguing your desk with this smart series of colorful modern plastic cups and trays. Each one's neatly sized to stash nearly anything you'd want at your fingertips throughout the workday.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and resolves to brush up on his ping pong skills this year. Watch out, Forrest.