5 Ways To Upgrade Your Pad, 11/24/2014

Relationships take effort, and the relationship you have with your home is no different. To lighten the work, every week we're rounding up a crop of the latest and greatest products to keep your place on point.

Katedra Office Desk

Fusing modern with rustic, this sexy work station features three push-to-open drawers disguised as a stack of two-by-fours, and an ingenious built-in wireless phone charging platform in the wide white surface that will conveniently juice up your phone throughout the day.


Developed to curb the universal habit of heating up far too much water than necessary when all you want is a single cup of tea, this futuristic kettle uses an induction base and submersible metal wand to heat up whatever liquid is in your vessel of choice. 

The Moleskine Smart Notebook

Inspiration can strike at any moment. Be prepared with Moleskine's new smart notebooks. Here's how it works: draw or write something in the notebook when the mood strikes, take a picture on your smartphone, and, using Adobe's app, beam a vector version of whatever you've hand-drawn right to your Creative Cloud account. It's that simple.

Naomi Nutcracker

Cracking nuts is exponentially more exciting now thanks to this little coiled metal number. To blast the shell to smithereens, set the nut atop the included platform, cover with the Slinky-esque section, pull up the black knob, let 'er rip, and voila.

Bubble Wrap Glass Set

Spruce up your home bar with these tumblers that've been sculpted to look like they're permanently wrapped in bubble wrap, then sit back and laugh at your guests' dissatisfaction as they blister their fingers incessantly trying to pop them.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and looking forward to boiling water in everything from now on.