5 Ways To Upgrade Your Pad, 12/1/14

Relationships take effort, and the one you have with your home is no different. To lighten the work, every week we're rounding up a crop of the latest and greatest products to keep your place on point.

Soma's Limited Edition Black Filter

Ditch your Brita, your water deserves to not only taste great, but look refreshingly sexy going through the filtration process. A premise the folks at design-forward filter company Soma can clearly get behind, judging by their brand new limited edition all-black glass filtration system. Better yet? Every purchase of one of the 700 produced will go towards helping people in Cambodia gain access to clean drinking water.


Tired of being tethered to your computer mouse or touchpad to get things done? The folks behind Flow feel your pain, and decided to do something about it. They developed this wafer-like gesture-control dongle, which functions like a more advanced version of the Leap. Program it to recognize particular movements from your hand (flick of the finger, twist of the wrist, etc.) and set them to serve as shortcuts you'd typically need to use your mouse for, like switching between programs, zooming in/out, flipping through presentation slides, and a whole lot more. It's time to embrace efficiency, people!

La Marzocco GS3 Espresso Machine

It's the first of the renowned Italian espresso machine company's industrial models to be made available for consumers. This gorgeous beast turns anyone who touches it into a barista almost immediately. From the wooden accents to the cool-touch steam wand, with this on your kitchen counter you have the power to turn out professional grade coffee drinks using the same tool found in first-class cafes around the world.

Well Lamp

Inspired by traditional water wells while logically leaving out the actual water, these conversation-starting table lamps sport a bulb socket that moves up or down inside the vessel via the attached wooden hand crank. The movement creatively serves as a manual dimmer, softening the light as it drops downward from the clear glass section into the sanded matte.


Like a wall-mountable LEGO board for adults with terrible OCD, this magnetized bulletin board of sorts is bedecked with raised squares and can be arranged with the included plastic compartments to organize everything you'd ever need to keep systematized, like pens, keys, your plants, everything!

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at fancy espresso enthusiast Supercompressor.