Score Willie Nelson's Retro 1980s Tour Bus For $37K

If you've ever dreamed of hitting the road like a legendary hitmaker (and, uh, hit taker) now's your chance, because Willie Nelson's 1980s-era tour bus is for sale for the remarkably fair price of $37,000 from a Craigslist seller in East Texas.

The 1983 Eagle — built for the singer/songwriter himself — is in working condition, sleeps about eight, and is outfitted with unexpectedly charming decor you probably wouldn't find in any other rockstar's ride: velvety couches and curtains, carved wooden moldings, antique sconces, and stained glass windows. But hey, it was the eighties, and hey, he was probably super high.

With a little love from a Febreeze bottle, the cannibis stench will probably come right out of these benches. But think of all the crazy nights (and stories) you'd be erasing!

Check out this vintage dash. Just imagine all the venues this place has pulled up to.

Stained glass windows inside the bus?! Sure why not.

The joint-rolling station a.k.a. dining table looks quite cozy.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and wonders what the 81-year-old's current ride looks like inside.