Standing Desk? Try a Sleeping Desk.

Standing desks are all the rage these days—in fact, here are eight awesome ones—because everyone seems to be in agreement that sitting at your regular desk is slowly killing you. HuffPo recently even called sitting "the new smoking." Keeping off your butt can require some cleverness and perseverance—you have to badger HR or hit Home Depot and build one of your own. But sometimes it involves going for a simple loophole: laying down simply isn't sitting.

Threading right through this loophole is the Thanko Super Gorone Desk, the latest masterpiece to come out of Japan.

With its own USB-powered fan, this "highly-adjustable" desk folds flat and can accommodate any variety of positions. Japan Trend Shop notes that the instructions are in Japanese, but "it's easy to construct and use." Note also that they are directing this info at someone who has elected to purchase a desk that allows them to work while fully reclined. 

It might feel like a "most people die in their bed so I'm gonna sleep safely in this recliner" kind of approach, but I'm not a doctor so I'm going to set down the gavel and recuse myself. Perhaps the Okinawa diet is the solution.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is currently laying down on a couch in the Supercompressor HQ. Follow his gripping life on Instagram.