There are innumerable perks to being at the top, not least of which is the fact that you may be able to afford physically living up there too, inside of an actual luxury penthouse.

Until you get there, here are five of the world's most spectacular top floor residences to give you a quick taste of the high life.


5 Penthouses You Would Sell Your Soul To Live In

Sky Garage Penthouse

New York, USA
If Tony Stark were real, and actually slept, he'd crash here when he overnighted in Manhattan. This 3,600-square foot 3-bedroom overlooks the Hudson River and is loaded with amenities. For one, the top floor opens up at the push of a button to reveal a staircase down to the bedrooms and spa-like bathroom. There are also two elevators: one for you, and one for your car. [See more...]

N.B.K. Residence

Beirut, Lebanon
This sprawling triplex is a triple threat, with insane views of the city, a floor-to-ceiling library (with an entire section accessible via catwalk!) and a rooftop pool terrace. Even better, when you grow tired of visitors mooching off your killer digs, you can shun them to the separate guest quarters up on the roof. [See more...]

Odéon Tower Sky Penthouse

Priced at $387 million, this five-story 35,000-square foot palace in the sky is officially the world's most expensive penthouse. And whatever billionaire eventually snatches it up will get to enjoy impossibly amazing 360-degree views, extravagant party-ready rooms, and its crown jewel: an enormous outdoor deck with a waterslide-accessible circular infinity pool. Anyone have, like, $386,999,000 we can borrow? [See more...]

Blue Penthouse

Shanghai, China
Judging by this spiral staircase that anchors the whole place, moving into the Blue Penthouse would feel a lot like living inside one of Terry Gilliam's dreamworld sets. It's filled with doors disguised as ornate walls that lead to a series of rooms where trippy colors and patterns cover nearly every surface. Eventually, though, you find your way to its two most incredible spaces: the psychedelic mirror-filled bathroom, and 5 star hotel-worthy wood-soaked wine bar. [See more...]

432 Park Avenue Penthouse

New York, USA
A quick 89 floors up, this opulent and modern full-floor spread will be the highest residential property in the Western Hemisphere once the shadow-casting monolithic building it caps is complete. The 8,255-square foot, 6-bed 7.5-bath crib is currently listed for $82.5 million, which, despite being 452 times the median American home price, seems oddly justified considering the epic views you'd be enjoying from its monster 10-foot windows. [See more...]

Joe McGauley is a shadow-casting senior editor at Supercompressor.