This Is The Deepest Pool In The World

If you've been hankering to play the most epic game of ring toss ever, we've found the ultimate venue: the deepest pool in the world. Y-40, as it's known, is a recently-opened, 130-foot indoor swimming pool, carved beneath the complex of the Four-Star Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy's Euganean Hills.

So, why on Earth build a 152,000-cubic foot, terrifyingly deep indoor pool? Good question.

The project is meant to support a wide range of activities all year long, from scuba diver training (sans wetsuit, as the water is a constant spa-grade 85+ degrees), to hosting photo and film shoots at its various depths.

It's not just a long tube, either; its tiered with different sections (and caves!), which provides plenty of space at different levels to do your thing, whatever that may be.

Though if you can't swim or don't feel like testing the limit by diving down until it hurts, they've conveniently added a series of windows and even a glass tunnel, providing prime viewing of those brave enough to take the plunge. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He can swim. Sort of.