Anonymously Ship A D*ck Trophy To Your Enemies And/Or Friends

Alright everyone, we've done it. It's 2015 and we've reached the peak of human achievement. There's a company that exists solely to help you anonymously ship phallic trophies to anyone and everyone. Obviously, it's called You Dick, and it's glorious. 

The UK-based company has a simple product line: dick trophies in four colors (silver, gold, black, bronze) and four sizes (small, medium, large, jumbo). There is absolutely no subtlety in the trophy design, which is exactly the point. Each dick can be sent with a personalized message, or the company's default note, "You're a dick, and someone thought you need a trophy to show it."

The dicks are pretty cheap, starting at £6 (about $9) for the smallest option, up to £15 (about $24) for the jumbo size. You can also send a whole bunch of dicks (the whole set) for just £28 (about $44). What a steal. Everyone knows communication on this level is absolutely priceless.
If you're ready to harness this great power, head here and start sending dicks to all the dicks you know.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and knows exactly where the first dick is being sent. Get ready, Mike. 

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