Your Grownup Car Bed is Here

When you were a little kid, there was nothing cooler than that car-shaped bed your parents never bought you. But now that you’re older, if you had one, well, you’d be that creepy dude with a kids’ bed. Originally inspired by a sweet find at a junk yard, this Consolatio Car Bed from furniture maven Morgann Paull is a proper and stylish bed for grownups (it has shelves!) that still fulfills your long-lost car bed dream. The headboard is comprised mostly of two automotive-style leather seatbacks, so you can watch TV in bed with maximum comfort. Awesomely, the designer even included a fold-out armrest-slash-cupholder.

You’ve still gotta make your own car noises, though.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. When he was a kid, the closest thing he ever had to a car bed was the back seat of his dad’s ‘78 Buick on road trips.