2. Bori
Spring Branch

Tucked away in the heart of Spring Branch, Bori offers Space City’s most refined and elegant Korean barbecue experience. Housed on a private parcel of land, the restaurant is the centerpiece to a larger Korean cultural complex that includes a landscaped sculpture garden, several private rooms, a lobby bar and waiting area, and an art gallery. The extensive menu features appetizers like japchae noodles and octopus carpaccio, premium meat options ranging from dry-aged ribeye to A5 Wagyu, and pre-set meat platters like the tantalizing Butcher’s Feast, everything served with six complimentary banchan side dishes. When it comes time to cook, no need to lift a finger. The servers undergo extensive training to ensure that your order is cooked to perfection over in-table grills, each of which features updraft ventilation to minimize smoke.

5. Honey Pig

It’s hard not to fall in love with Honey Pig. The seventh outpost of a successful chain from Virginia, owner Mickey Kim plastered the entire restaurant with street art-style chubby pink piglet—imagery perfect for an Instagram-Tiktok generation. Add in high energy K-pop videos playing on flatscreens, charcoal cast iron grills, high quality meats, and the experience feels a lot like something straight out of a Korean drama. Located in the heart of Asiatown in the newly renovated Diho Square, this is a place for a good time. So, bring friends, order your meat combo of choice, feast on perfectly cooked meats (the servers do it all for you), and wash it down with some beer or soju. The spicy pork belly is stellar, and so is the kimchi pancake. Also, make sure to ask the server for kimchi fried rice at the end of your meal.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating or call 713-842-7993 for parties of 10 or more.

6. Tasty Ko

Though it’s not strictly a KBBQ spot—the huge menu offers dolsot bibimbap rice bowls, traditional Korean casseroles, noodles, stir fries, and soups—this unassuming mom-and-pop currently offers the best Korean barbecue in Katy. Order from a selection of the usual suspects like galbi (marinated short ribs), LA Galbi (short ribs cut crosswise), samgyeopsal (pork belly). When you want a taste of everything, get the TK Supreme Combo, which includes galbi, beef, chicken and pork bulgogi, pork belly, spicy squid, scallop, and jumbo shrimp. All orders are served with complimentary banchan, presented beautifully on white porcelain platter, that look and taste like they came straight from a grandma’s kitchen.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating or call 281-206-7471 for reservations (which are highly suggested).

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