How much tryptophan is in your turkey? Not as much as you think.

thrillist tryptophan graph

This Thanksgiving, you are going to get tired -- that's pretty much guaranteed. But while you may blame the turkey, and its purportedly high tryptophan levels, maybe it's just the conversation with your uncle about his recent mayoral controversies. Or is it the handfuls of Parmesan cheese you're sneaking in the kitchen between courses, you grated-cheese-addicted sicko?

Turns out many foods also contain the drowsiness-inducing amino acid tryptophan (check out the graphic above and here for a blown-up version), often in levels far surpassing the famous gobbler. Like Parmesan cheese! And pork! And soybeans! And -- DUH -- spirulina, a dietary supplement containing photosynthetic bacteria! So, maybe next time make an algae casserole if you really want a good food-sleep.