How to Throw a Cocktail

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

So we’re clear, when we say “throw” a cocktail, we aren’t trying to get you to huck a Martini at the wall. Throwing a cocktail refers to a very specific, somewhat forgotten method of chilling and mixing a drink that’s somewhere between rolling and shaking. It’s designed to aerate a drink without diluting it too much—plus, it looks cool. Use this method with cocktails that are typically stirred like Manhattans, Martinis and Negronis.  

Shaker tin set
Julep strainer

Step One

Fill one of the shaker tins with ice and add all of your cocktail’s ingredients. Nestle the julep strainer into the tin at a 45-degree angle.

Step Two

Hold the cocktail-filled tin in your dominant hand, securing the julep strainer. Hold the empty tin in your other hand.

Step Three

Raise both tins above your head.

Step Four

Start pouring the filled tin into the empty tin. As you pour, slowly lower the tin catching the liquid, holding it at a slight angle so the cocktail falls onto the inside wall of the tin. Ideally your liquid will have just finished pouring when your catching hand reaches your midsection.

Step Five

Bring both tins back to chest height and pour the cocktail back into the original tin (which still contains your ice and other solid ingredients).

Step Six

Repeat steps 2-5 four to five times until your cocktail is properly chilled and aerated.