How to Pour Two Drinks at Once

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Bartending flair often serves little purpose other than to impress. However, being able to pour two drinks at once is not only impressive to watch, it also saves time. If you inspect your Hawthorne strainer closely, you will see that it has two thin channels that run congruously with the spring coil on its underside. When you use the strainer to pour a cocktail from a shaker tin, two individual streams of liquid emit from those two channels. Using those channels to your advantage, you can pour two cocktails into two glasses. Here, step-by-step instructions for how to pour two cocktails at once.

Shaker Tin
Hawthorne Strainer

Step One

Shake your drinks. Make sure you double-up on your measurements and make two drinks in one tin and aren’t dividing one drink between two people.

Step Two

Place two identical glasses next to one another. Place a Hawthorne strainer on top of the tin and press it firmly against the lip of the tin so that you create a tight seal.

Step Three

Hold the shaker tin in your hand while pressing firmly against the strainer with your index finger. Line the channels up with the two glasses and pour with conviction.