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How to Chill a Cocktail Glass

After mixing or shaking a cocktail with ice, don’t undo your hard work by pouring the drink into a warm glass. You could fill your glass with ice and then dump it out like they do at a bar, but, for a home bartender, that’s often a waste of good ice. You could also pop the glass into the freezer bare, but it probably won’t be cold enough by the time you need it. Here, the quickest, most effective way to chill your cocktail glass.

Paper towels

Step One

Wet one or two paper towels and squeeze out any excess liquid.

Step Two

Wrap the damp towels around the inside and outside of the glass.

Step Three

Place the glass in the freezer and start mixing your cocktail.

Step Four

By the time your drink is ready for straining, the glass should be perfectly frosty. Pull it out of the freezer, remove the towels and fill the glass with a chilled cocktail.

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