How to Double-Strain

After shaking a cocktail, savvy cocktailians strain the drink in order to keep pulp, spent ice and other particles out of the final product. But sometimes a Hawthorne strainer isn’t enough to keep things like seeds and small ice chips from flowing into the glass. For a drink that’s silky smooth and absolutely particle free, you need to double-strain that cocktail using a fine mesh strainer. Here’s how to do it.


Shaker Tin
Hawthorne Strainer
Fine Mesh Strainer

Step One

After shaking a cocktail, separate the tins and place the Hawthorne strainer on top of the tin containing the drink. Press the strainer firmly against the lip so it locks in place.

Step Two

Hold the shaker tin in your dominant hand, securing the strainer with your index finger. Take the fine mesh strainer in your other hand and hold it over your prepared glass. Pour the drink through the mesh strainer into the glass.