How to Build a Champagne Tower

Matthew Kelly/Supercall
Matthew Kelly/Supercall

Jay Gatsby’s parties were decked out in overflowing Champagne towers for a reason: They’re impressive as heck. But you don’t have to be a mysterious billionaire to have one at your wedding, black tie affair or particularly turnt up Sunday brunch. Building a Champagne tower is actually super easy, requiring only patience, enough glassware and a whole lot of bubbly.

Theoretically, you could use our method of stacking Champagne glasses to build a tower that touches the sky, but we prefer a more modest structure that won’t turn into a tragic game of Jenga. This tower calls for 30 glasses and six bottles of Champagne, but if you would like to tempt fate and make an even more show-stopping pyramid, simply add on additional base layers (five-by-five, six-by-six, etc.). Just make sure that the table upon which you’re building is real steady.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall


  • 30 coupe glasses
  • 6 bottles Champagne
  • Sturdy, level table

Step One:

Build a four-by-four square of empty glasses (16 glasses in total), making sure that the edges of the glasses touch, creating diamonds of space between the glasses.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

Step Two:

Construct a three-by-three square of glasses (nine glasses in total) on top of the first layer. Use the diamonds as a guide, and place the glasses on top of the empty spaces. Repeat the process with a two-by-two square of glasses to build the third tier.  

Step Three:

Add the final glass to the top. Be mindful not to knock the structure over with any loose clothing or flailing arms.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

Step Four:

Open Champagne bottles and very slowly begin pouring into the top glass (use a step-stool if needed), allowing it to overflow. Continue pouring the Champagne into the top glass, bottle after bottle; the overflowing Champagne will trickle down into the glasses on the levels below, until all of the glasses are filled.

Step Five:

Serve the glasses of Champagne from the the top of the pyramid. Keep an eye out for “that guy” who will try to grab a drink from the bottom and send your masterpiece crashing.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall