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How to Make Tequila Gummy Bears

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Gummy bears are one of the greatest candies ever. Invented by German confectionary company Harbo in 1922—and originally lauded as the “dancing bear gummy”—gummy bears were a popular candy right from the start. Now, the adorable gummy treat is available in literally every size, color and flavor—and ABV.

First there were Champagne gummy bears, then came rummy bears (gummy bears soaked in rum), then bourbon bears. And now, we’re please to introduce you to DIY tequila gummy bears. These aren’t just gummies soaked in tequila, these are made from scratch. Don’t worry, if you can make Jello, you can make these bears. All you need is a gummy bear mold, which can easily be bought online, a bottle of tequila, agave syrup and gelatin. Be forewarned, they’re destined to be your new favorite candy treat.

Tequila Gummy Bears

Makes 100 bears

Bear Mold

.5 cup tequila (we used blanco)
3 packets unflavored, powdered gelatin
1 tbsp agave syrup
1 tbsp water

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Step 1
In a saucepan, add agave syrup, tequila and water. Heat on low, and whisk to incorporate.

Step 2
Add the unflavored gelatin and whisk to mix. Don’t boil; keep the heat on low. As you’re whisking the gelatin into the syrup, make sure that there are absolutely no clumps of gelatin powder left. If any foam forms while stirring, skim it off and discard.

Step 3
Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool slightly. 

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Step 4
Prep the gummy molds by spraying with Pam cooking spray (it will make it easier to get the gummies out) and wipe any excess spray with a paper towel. Place the molds on a flat surface such as a sheet pan. Use a dropper to slowly fill each bear mold with the boozy mix. Wiggle the molds to ensure the liquid settles evenly.

Step 5
Refrigerate until the gummies set completely, then gently remove the bears from the mold. Now, it’s officially time to snack on a handful. Just remember to not eat too many—these gummies pack a boozy punch.

Matthew Kelly / Supercall