How to Strain a Cocktail with a Hawthorne Strainer

Did you just shake a drink? Then it’s time to break out the Hawthorne strainer. Used to strain out ice, seeds, herbs and anything else that isn’t pure liquid, the Hawthorne can be ID’d by its signature wire spring, which coils around its outer edge.


Hawthorne Strainer
Shaker Tin

Step One

Place the Hawthorne Strainer on the top of the tin.

Step Two

Press the strainer firmly against the lip of the tin, so that it is “locked.” Locking the strainer in the tin is referred to among bartenders as “Closing the Gate.”

Step Three

Hold the shaker tin in your hand while at the same time pressing firmly against the tab on top of the strainer with your index finger. This will keep the gate closed as you pour.

Step Four

Pour your drink into your glass of choice. The Hawthorne strainer will prevent large ice cubes and most debris from going into your drink.