How to Strain a Cocktail with a Julep Strainer

Did you stir a cocktail? Grab the julep strainer! Almost elementary in function and design, a julep strainer resembles a large, slotted spoon.  Originally, the julep strainer was used as a sort of faceguard when consuming Mint Juleps (hence the strainer’s name). A drinker would place the strainer on top of a Mint Julep and use it to hold back the crushed ice and mint. Now, though, it’s much more commonly used in conjunction with a mixing glass to strain stirred cocktails.


Julep Strainer
Mixing Glass

Step One

Place the julep strainer on top of the mixing glass. If the mixing glass has a pour spout, the strainer should rest right below the spout in the glass with its handle jettisoning out over the top of the other side.

Step Two

Hold the mixing glass in your dominant hand. Use your thumb and index finger to gently hold the strainer in place as you pour the drink into a glass.