How to Use a Swizzle Stick

Used to mix drinks (typically of the tiki variety) filled with crushed ice, the swizzle stick gently combines cocktail ingredients without overly diluting the drink, as stirring or shaking would. Traditional swizzle sticks are made from Caribbean tree branches that have been trimmed to include fanged prongs at the tool’s base, but many modern versions are crafted from metal or plastic.


Swizzle Stick

Step One

Fill a glass (whichever type the recipe calls for) halfway with crushed ice and add the primary cocktail ingredients.

Step Two

Place the swizzle stick into the glass until it’s pronged-end reaches the bottom.

Step Three

Hold the swizzle stick between both palms and twist it back and forth to stir the drink and frost the glass.

Step Four

Fill the glass to the top with crushed ice. Add any remaining ingredients (if necessary) and give it one more good swizzle to incorporate.