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3 Instagram Accounts That Will Teach You How to Bartend

Learning the basics of bartending doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. There’s no need to sign up for bartending school or read a bunch of cocktail books cover to cover if all you’re looking for are some new tips, tricks and recipes (though it certainly never hurt). One of the best ways to further your boozy knowledge is simply by scrolling through your Insta feed. To make your social media experience as laden with cocktails and as much useful advice as possible, follow these three Instagram accounts and learn how to bartend better.


In addition to finding new weekly recipes right in your Insta feed, A Bar Above specializes in teaching its followers about spirits, bar equipment and even how to make it in the bartending industry. They also regularly post about interesting new brands, so you can stay up on trends, as well as handy tips (like remembering to store your vermouth in the fridge).


Last year, the masterminds behind this Instagram account traveled around the western U.S. to meet and hang out with some of the country’s greatest bartenders. Then, they turned it into a web series. Luckily, they’re active on Instagram, regularly posting about their experiences and sharing the tidbits they learned along the way, including the ins and outs of Chartreuse, recommendations for awesome bars, and insights into the greatest minds in tiki.

Picante de la Casa | 2oz Repasado Tequila | 1oz Lime Juice | .75 Agave Nectar | muddle jalapeño and cilantro

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If you want to get great at something, you need to practice. And when it comes to bartending, that means making as many different kinds of cocktails as you can, and learning from your mistakes and successes. If you’re looking for inspiration for those cocktails, look no further than this handy account. Almost daily, Cocktail Aficionado posts varied recipes that require a number of different bar skills, from shaking and stirring to muddling and garnish creation, to help pull you out of whatever boozy rut you may find yourself in.