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DIY Tootsie Roll Rum

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If you do Halloween right, you’ll be left with a mountain of candy. But once you gorge yourself on fun-size Snickers and can’t even look at another Starburst two-pack, what do you do with rest of your score? We at Supercall have a solution: Infuse your candy into booze.

A couple of our favorite spirit-ready candies are gummy bears and Tootsie Rolls. As we’ve detailed in the past, vodka-soaked gummy bears make for not only tasty snacks, but also result in gummy bear-flavored vodka, which is great in candy-rific versions of classic drinks like the French Martini. Tootsie Rolls, on the other hand, melt almost immediately into alcohol, creating an instant creamy liqueur that can be used instead of Kahlúa or chocolate liqueur in cocktails like a Mudslide or a White Russian—not to mention spiked hot chocolate.

Here, how to make Tootsie Roll-infused rum and a delicious, spoonable cocktail in which to use it.

Photo: Matthew Kelly

Supercall’s Tootsie Roll Rum

2 Giant Tootsie Rolls (or 20 Tootsie Roll Midgees)
1 750-ml bottle of White Rum (we used Bacardi)

Swing Top Bottle


  • Place the Tootsie Rolls into a swing top bottle.
  • Pour the rum on top of the Tootsie Rolls, leaving a couple inches of space at the top of the bottle. Seal.
  • Shake the bottle and set aside. The Tootsie Rolls will completely dissolve in approximately 24 hours.
  • Shake to fully incorporate before serving.

Cocoa Krispie Rum Punch

This variation on a White Russian uses Tootsie Roll-infused rum in place of vodka —and a bowl instead of rocks glass. Inspired by a nostalgia for Saturday mornings filled with cartoons and sugary cereals, it’s an edible, sippable, grown-up way to enjoy a bowlful of Cocoa Krispies. Though it’s rooted in morningtime memories, this “cocktail” is best served as dessert.

1 oz Tootsie Roll Rum
1 oz coffee liqueur
2 oz half & half
.5 cup Cocoa Krispies


  • Pour the Tootsie Roll-infused rum, coffee liqueur and half & half into a cereal bowl.
  • Top with the cereal and eat with a spoon.

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