DIY Hangover Kits: So Your Wedding Guests Make it to Brunch

DIY Wedding hangover kits
Matthew Kelly/Supercall

As long as you follow our non-negotiable requirement for an awesome reception—an open bar—your wedding will be a success. But all that inhibition-free dancing comes with a price: hangovers. You want your guests to remember your wedding fondly, not as the night they swore off tequila. So as they leave the party, arm them with a hangover kit outfitted with all the tools they’ll need to fight off the morning aches and nausea. While you can fill these party favors with whatever goodies you think your friends will need, these are our favorite items to include:

Wedding hangover kits
Matthew Kelly/Supercall

1. Sunglasses: To block out the painful rays of sunlight peeking through the hotel room blinds.
2. Mint Gum: To cover up booze breath.
3. Stain Remover Pen: To do battle with the Vodka Cranberry someone definitely splashed onto themselves while doing the Electric Slide.
4. Ibuprofen: To call off the construction crew working overtime in your guests’ skulls.
5. Water Bottle: Hydration, hydration, hydration.
6. Face Wipes: To make sure those who didn’t wash their makeup off last night don’t show up at brunch looking like Alice Cooper.
7. Hair Ties: Because no one wants to deal with blowdryers the morning after.
8. Granola Bar: Make it a healthy one (not just a rectangular chocolate chip cookie) so guests can pad their stomachs with some nutrients before hitting the hotel buffet.
9. Hair of the Dog: If all else fails, a little hair of the dog will pep your guests right up. Include a mini bottle of vodka, a bottle of V8 and a teeny tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce for an ersatz Bloody Mary.

Decorate the bags with whatever style fits your wedding, whether it be a cutesy, rustic burlap pouch reading something like “In Sickness and in Health” or “Hangovers Only Last a Day, Memories Last Forever,” or a more quirky, playful bag reading “I Regret Nothing” or “Oh S**t Hangover Kit.” Or just keep it super simple, because when the hangover strikes, no one is going to want to deal with glitter.

DIY wedding hangover kits
Matthew Kelly/Supercall